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  • 20th October, 1803
    The U.S. Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase treaty, doubling the size of the United States.

  • 20th October, 1935
    The classic film "The Bride of Frankenstein" premieres in the US.

  • 20th October, 1957
    Arkansas's beloved singer Johnny Cash releases his hit "Home of the Blues".

  • 20th October, 1968
    Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy marries Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

  • 20th October, 1973
    The Sydney Opera House, an architectural masterpiece, is officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

  • 20th October, 1977
    The musical film "A Little Night Music" is released, based on Stephen Sondheim's Broadway hit.

  • 20th October, 1982
    The St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

  • 20th October, 1988
    "The Accused", starring Jodie Foster, is released. Foster's performance earns her an Academy Award.

  • 20th October, 1991
    "Love Hurts", sung by Cher, peaks at #1 in the UK.

  • 20th October, 1999
    Music sensation Britney Spears releases her hit "Lucky".

  • 20th October, 2004
    Arkansas hosts the premiere of the film "Walk the Line", a biographical film about Johnny Cash.

  • 20th October, 2010
    Microsoft announces its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

  • 20th October, 2013
    Music festival in Arkansas celebrates local talent and attracts visitors from all over the country.

  • 20th October, 2015
    Adele releases her hit single "Hello", which quickly becomes a global phenomenon.

  • 20th October, 2016
    American singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen releases his album "You Want It Darker".

  • 20th October, 2018
    Arkansas hosts a music festival, highlighting the state's rich musical history and current talents.

  • 20th October, 2019
    Animated film "Frozen II" premieres, becoming a box-office hit.

  • 20th October, 2020
    The Arkansas Arts Center organizes a digital art exhibition to promote local artists during the pandemic.

  • 20th October, 2021
    Arkansas musicians collaborate on a charity album to support local communities.

  • 20th October, 2022
    The University of Arkansas celebrates its sports achievements in a grand ceremony.

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