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  • 2nd April 1792
    Kentucky becomes the 15th state to join the United States, contributing to the expansion and growth of the nation.

  • 2nd April 1917
    Arkansas native and musician Leon McAuliffe is born in Houston, Arkansas. He later gains fame as a Western swing musician, known for his work with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

  • 2nd April 1939
    Arkansas Razorbacks basketball team wins the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, securing their place in history and bringing pride to the university and the state.

  • 2nd April 1952
    Arkansas native and actress Pamela Reed is born in Tacoma, Washington. She later achieves success in film, television, and theater, known for her versatile performances.

  • 2nd April 1973
    Arkansas native and actor Adam Rodriguez is born in Yonkers, New York. He later becomes well-known for his role as Eric Delko in the television series "CSI: Miami."

  • 2nd April 1975
    Arkansas native and actress Linda Burnett is born in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She later gains fame for her roles in various television series and films.

  • 2nd April 1986
    Arkansas Razorbacks men's basketball team celebrates a historic victory, defeating their opponent to advance to the Final Four of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, thrilling fans and supporters.

  • 2nd April 1990
    Arkansas native and actor Aaron North is born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He later gains recognition for his performances in various film and television projects.

  • 2nd April 1995
    Arkansas Razorbacks track and field team achieves remarkable success at the Texas Relays, securing multiple victories and setting new records, showcasing their talent and dedication.

  • 2nd April 2005
    Arkansas native and musician Johnny Cash is posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, honoring his legendary career and contributions to the genre.

  • 2nd April 2011
    Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team clinches a thrilling victory over their rivals, securing their spot in the College World Series, delighting fans and supporters.

  • 2nd April 2016
    Arkansas native and musician Glen Campbell receives a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to music, honoring his remarkable career and talent.

  • 2nd April 2018
    Arkansas Razorbacks women's gymnastics team achieves a historic victory, winning the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championship, showcasing their skill and dedication to the sport.

  • 2nd April 2019
    Arkansas native and actor and comedian Bill Hicks is posthumously honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, recognizing his influential career and legacy in comedy.

  • 2nd April 2020
    Arkansas Razorbacks men's basketball team celebrates a historic victory, winning the NIT Championship, bringing pride and excitement to the university and the state.

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